Discipleship Time

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we gather in the Thrive College Chapel. We worship, open our Bibles and hear from our gifted Bayside pastoral team and visiting guests. You might find us praying over one another, practicing silence and solitude or diving deep into a practical leadership lesson.

Discipleship Group

Every Monday night, you’ll meet with your D Group. About five students (same gender), led by one of our Thrive College team members. This is where you’ll risk real relationship and build friendships that feel like family. It’s your place to process everything God is doing in you and calling you towards.

Serving Intensive

We start the year by serving in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. You’ll minister to the homeless, lead a worship service for the community and serve those in need.

Essentials Intensive

In September, we head to Camp Del Oro for our first retreat. We’ll dive deep into the five essentials of the Christian faith. You’ll leave owning your faith at a deeper level than ever before.

Relationships Intensive

In February, we head back to Camp Del Oro for our second retreat. Romantic Relationships often derail peoples lives, but that’s not the way God intended it. We’ll dive deep into how to have God honoring romantic relationships.

The Bible Conference

Bayside Church starts every year with the Bible Conference. Globally, this conference reaches hundreds of thousands, but you get a front row seat. Wherever you’re at on your journey to knowing Scripture, this conference will deeper your commitment to God’s word and broaden your understanding of it.